Kaley Strachan, BPE, MPT, AN-IMS


BSc, Physical Education, University of Alaska Anchorage (2009)

MSc, Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia (2014)

Advanced Certifications

Anatomical Neuropathic Intramuscular Stimulation (AN-IMS), Foundations Health Education (2018)

Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1, Neurokinetic Therapy (2017)

Introduction to Bobath, Canadian Bobath Instructors’ Association (2015)

COPD Management, Resptrec (2015)

Patterns of Back Pain, Canadian Back Institute (2016)

Mulligan Concept Upper Quadrant Mobilizations with Movement (2014)

Soft Tissue Release (2014)

Treatment Philosophy

I approach assessment and treatment by looking at the whole picture for each client and taking a holistic approach. I consider their primary complaint, history and personal goals. I use a combination of movement and neurological screens, range of motion, balance and functional strength to assess clients and create a treatment plan. Since no two clients are the same, treatments are individualized.

I believe in prevention. Even without pain, dysfunctions can lead to wear and tear, compensations and then pain further down the road.

Other Interests

As a competitive athlete in gymnastics and cross country running and track and field, I have learned the importance of an active life, and also physiotherapy! I like to spend my time with friends and family in my garden, on the mountains, fishing, skiing, cycling or making a meal with food we have grown and harvested.