What should I wear for my appointment?



Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will allow the physiotherapist to examine your problem area. Wear tank tops or sports bras for shoulder injuries, shorts for leg, knee and foot problems. If you have a back problem, wear a loose-fitting t-shirt and comfortable pants or shorts.


How long will my appointment take?


Your first standard assessment appointment will be 40 minutes long, and you may need extra time to do exercises in our gym. Your standard follow-up appointments will be 20 minutes long, plus any time for exercises. You have the option of booking 40 minute follow-up appointments if your physiotherapist recommends longer follow-up treatments.

Acupuncture is a 30 minute appointment.


Will I have paperwork to fill out?

Due to staffing restrictions and health guidelines as a result of COVID-19, appointments are now booked online or by telephone. When this is done you will be emailed some forms that will need to be completed before your appointment. If you are starting treatment for a WorkSafeBC or ICBC claim, please include your claim number on the appropriate form.   

I have an ICBC claim. How does that work?



If you’ve had a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and you have filed a claim with ICBC, they will give you a claim number. You’ll need your claim number when you come to see us.

ICBC will automatically fully cover up to 25 visits in the first 12 weeks after your motor vehicle accident. After that, ICBC will cover further treatments as recommended by your physiotherapist.

If it has been more than 12 weeks since your accident and your injury requires treatment, you will most likely be fully covered by ICBC insurance. Bring in your ICBC claim number and we will contact ICBC to confirm that they will cover physiotherapy treatments relating to your MVA injury.




I've been injured on the job and my doctor says I need physiotherapy. Do you accept WorkSafeBC clients?


If you’re injured on the job, you may be eligible for physiotherapy through WorkSafeBC. Bring your WorkSafeBC claim number and we’ll complete your initial assessment and submit a report to WorkSafeBC.

The cost of your first visit is always covered by WorkSafeBC. However, sometimes it may take several weeks for WorkSafeBC to approve or deny a claim for continuing physiotherapy treatments. During that wait period you’ll pay for your follow-up physiotherapy sessions at the standard rate. When WorkSafeBC accepts your claim, we’ll reimburse you and invoice WorkSafeBC for your treatments.

Is my physiotherapy treatment covered by the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)?


If your family income is less than $42,000/year or if you are a member of a First Nation you may be eligible for Premium Assistance through MSP.

MSP will subsidize a combined total of 10 visits a year with health care providers, including physiotherapists.

How it works

You provide us with your name, BC personal health number and your birth date when you make your appointment. We contact Health Insurance BC to confirm your eligibility.

You’ll pay $35 for your initial assessment and follow-up appointments, up to a maximum of 10 appointments per calendar year.

You can still have physiotherapy after you’ve had your 10 MSP-subsidized appointments, but you’ll be paying at the standard rate. See our rates here.


I have private health insurance. Am I covered for physiotherapy?

Most plans cover physiotherapy, but the details vary. Contact your plan provider for details on your coverage.

Will you direct bill my insurer?

Stayed tuned as we are hoping to DIRECT BILL for some of the larger benefit providers our software platform supports. In the meantime, please keep your email receipt so you can submit to your provider yourself.

I have no private health insurance. How much does a physiotherapy treatment cost?

You’ll pay the standard rates when you come in for a treatment. See our rates here.

Do I need a doctor's referral?
No. You don’t need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy treatment.
My doctor gave me a referral to another physiotherapy clinic. Can I go to any clinic?
Yes. It’s up to you where you receive physiotherapy treatment.
How do you work with my doctor?
Physiotherapists are experts in physical mobility. We have the university education, training and practical experience to prescribe and supervise your mobility treatment program. If your doctor refers you for physiotherapy, he or she has determined that you need therapy to regain your mobility and/or lose your pain. We are part of your health care team. We’ll communicate with your doctor to optimize your physiotherapy health care.